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We’re glad you are interested in Aiken Technical College!
In order to apply to ATC, we require an email address for follow-up correspondence. If you do not have an email address, you can get a free email address by completing an online form provided by the following email service providers.
FREE email account providers:
Are you currently a high school student that wants to earn college credit before you graduate from high school?

If so, instead of completing the online application you will need to apply to Early Start: Dual Enrollment using the application below.
Early Start: Dual Enrollment
Early Start: Dual Enrollment is Aiken Technical College’s dual enrollment program. More information regarding Early Start: Dual Enrollment is available on the ATC website.
Are you a Transient/Guest Student?

If so, instead of completing the online application you will need to apply using the application below.
Transient/Guest Student Application
A transient student is one who currently attends another college/university and intends to enroll on a temporary basis at Aiken Technical College and will transfer credits back to their home institution at the end of the term. Students must obtain approval from their home institution before pursuing transient enrollment at ATC.
If you are returning to complete this application from a previous time, please click the button below.
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